Ongoing Professional Development


“The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of S.A. (Inc) have used Australian Celebrations Training to conduct the OPD for our Members for the last 3 years.   We have chosen this company because all of the course sessions we have chosen have covered what the promotional material outlined.   The many choices available ensured the best possible choices for our members so relevant to their roles as Marriage Celebrants.   All our courses have been presented by Beth  O’Brien, who was organised, knowledgeable, helpful and an effective communicator.   We could look nowhere else to have such expertise in all areas, as delivered by Australian Celebrations Training.”      Pamela Schultz, Secretary/Treasurer  ACMCSA (INC) January 2012


Travis Rickson

Outstanding communicator. You’ve found a gem. Great at reigning in and keeping on track – whilst allowing sharing – kept me interested and engaged

Doreen Martin– Bunbury class, WA, 2016


Our new trainer Travis in Perth had such great feedback from his Mt Claremont OPD day. "The information of Travis and the attendees regarding personal experiences was invaluable"

Kerry Satchwell, WA, 2016


"One of the best OPD Trainers I have had so far. Travis kept the class engaged, was well informed and stayed on topic."  Great start Travis!

Maree Ryan-Reed, WA, 2016 



Georgia Mills

Georgia was an excellent facilitator

Amanda Siva, Melbourne City OPD class

Georgia is a brilliant trainer, very knowledgeable, good price and easy to understand

David Smith, Melbourne City OPD class

Georgia was very pleasant presentation and well organised; generous in the advice and information.

Di Smith, Melbourne City OPD class



Beth O'Brien

Great fun day, informative.

 Jan Heystraten, Maroochydore, QLD, 2016

Beth gave info in logical and easy to understand language with a bit of humour

Rae Dwyer, Maroochydore, QLD, 2016

Best aspect was the experienced presenter. Trusted presenter who made a huge effort to develop rapport.

Cara Gallagher, Gold Coast, QLD, 2016

Beth, funny, relevant, humble, willing to engage

J. Miles,  Gold Coast, QLD 2016

Was super impressed by Beth, she was amazing

Meg Marshall, Gold Coast, QLD 2016



Melissa Jacob

Melissa was an amazing presenter very knowledgeable and positive.

Christine Kimmings , Kedron, QLD, 2016

Setting up Facebook business page – best aspect of the OPD, best OPD day I have attended.

Maureen Croghan,  Kedron, QLD, 2016

Best training I have done to date.

Joan Bennett,  Robertson, QLD, 2016

Melissa was absolutely amazing, such a joy to watch, listen and learn from. Can we please have Melissa back next year.

Janelle Wilson, Devonport, TAS, OPD Class

Funny, approachable, full of life.

Louise Ellings,  Devonport, TAS, OPD class

Melissa is switched on with social media, Great knowledge, sense of humour creates a great and harmonious attitude.

Ralph P, Sydney, 2016



Spencer Flint

Spencer was down to earth and expressed everything clearly and precisely.

John Whiteley, Geelong OPD class, 2016


Great day and Spencer (as always) was informative, interesting and patient.

Meg Hanley, Darwin, 2016


The best OPD Trainer I have encountered.

Kay Tarczon, Williamstown OPD class, 2016


Spencer is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter.  He was able to hold interest and had a good understand of our needs.

Rob Hart, Hobart OPD class, 2016


The best trainer I’ve had, very well spoken and knowledgeable.

Abbie Perdersen, Hobart OPD class, 2016


Thankyou for not only sending us Spencer Flint for our OPD as our Trainer - who's enthusiasm and encouragement will make us aspire to become well equiped/informed celebrants, also not to mention have great web sites!! Spencer has made us think outside the square. 
Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to have OPD here in Warrnambool instead of travelling 3 hours to do our compulsory classes."  Michelle Guyett, August 2011.



Shari Treuren

I always attend Shari’s course annually because of her presentation skills.

Paul Reis, Redcliffe OPD Class, 2016


Shari is a pleasure and very personable.  Really enjoyed Shari’s teaching style.

Lesley McConnell, Redcliffe OPD Class, 2016


Shari was friendly, professional and very articulate, very informative and courteous.

Julie Bouloux, Redcliffe OPD Class, 2016


Shari always has great knowledge and experiences that enlighten the day.

Michael Lewis Smith, Noosa OPD class, 2016



Judy Aulich

Love having Judy as our trainer, she is always has loads of personal experience.

Wendy Lenton, Bomadery OPD class, 2016


Another year with Judy being a fantastic trainer.

Renee Milthorpe, Wollongong OPDE Class, 2016


Judy is an excellent trainer, and thoroughly enjoy her training courses.

Linda Sewrey, Canberra OPD Class, 2016



Rob Hughes

Rob is an experienced trainer who is fully capable of integrating practical examples into his prepared content.

Perry Xie, Bankstown OPD class, 2016


Rob is a very informative, and very friendly, effective communicator.

Doris Kovacs, Bankstown OPD class, 2016


Rob is informative, allowing good dialogue and is friendly and easy to listen to.

Gary Bourke, West Pennant Hills OPD class, 2016


Outstanding as usual.

Greg McCallum, West Pennant Hills OPD class, 2016


Will definitely attend another of Rob’s courses.

Jan Fleming, Campbelltown OPD class, 2016


Very precise, good knowledge of questions asked.

Paul Hawkins, Campbelltown OPD class, 2016


Very friendly and approachable.  Very relaxed environment.

Kelly Garland, Campbelltown OPD class, 2016



Mark Reid

Mark was so good, clear in his explanation, very relevant to our time.

Laszlo Baranyay, Box Hill OPD class, 2016


Mark’s heart-felt sharing about his unshakeable truth – awesome!

Philip Kitchen, Box Hill OPD class, 2016


I love Mark’s passion which consistently shines through in the delivery of information.

 Hanna Yacoub, Parramatta OPD class, 2016


The best most well informed trainer of celebrants that I have had.

Clive Yeomans, Parramatta OPD class, 2016


A very excellent communicator and presenter.

Jonathan Cannon, Parramatta OPD class, 2016


Superb presentation, captivating, interesting information, great to have information that is relevant to religious celebrants.

Kay Craig, Kedron OPD class, 2016


Dear Beth, 

I very much enjoyed the presentation that Mark Reid put together for OPD. I especially appreciated the Biblical orientation of the material and principles presented.  Thank-you for providing this seminar with a specific focus on religous celebrants.

Regards, Timothy Winter



Liz Pforr

Very well prepared, obviously knowledgeable excellent skills in teaching and celebrancy knowledge.

Carol Turner, Robertson OPD class, 2016


Liz is extremely well prepared and discerning when answering questions.

T. Whittaker, Sunshine Coast OPD class, 2016

Liz is a good communicator and we had a good day at OPD.

Bette Muntz, Wellington Point OPD class, 2016


A very enjoyable day!

Elizabeth Wilkie, Wellington Point OPD class, 2016


Very informative and pleasant, easy to learn.

George Harvey, Currumbin OPD class, 2016



Lillian Lyon

Lillian was fabulous!  Without a doubt the best presenter of all courses I have attended.  Courteous friendly, tolerant, good sense of humour, inclusive managed comments and input very well. 

Kerri Leigh-Gordon, Newcastle OPD class, 2016


I’m becoming a Lillian groupie.

Geoff Nilon, Sydney City OPD class, 2016


The right mix of warmth and professionals.  Kept the topic on track while allowing class to ask questions.

Elise Thomson, Sydney City OPD class, 2016


Lillian is an excellent trainer, personable and competent.

John Comino, Parramatta OPD class, 2016