Ongoing Professional Development


Beth O'Brien

Maroochydore Class, 2018

Really great day Beth, always a pleasure to sit in your OPD (Tricia Langdren)

Open and honest (as usual) (Jan Woolley)

Very sensitive handling of these 2 electives thanks Beth (Philippa Holness)

Beth was extremely helpful (Suzanne Riley)

Very inclusive, content informative and useful (Janienne Stallard)

Thanks so much Beth, best aspect Memorial Services (Deb Chesterman)


Loganholme Class, 2018

Incredible and totally approachable and warm as usual.  I initially did not want the Grief and Loss part of OPD, just the new laws about Marriage Equality, however, what Beth delivered was amazing.  I would recommend her delivery of this course to everyone.  This is the most informative and enjoyable OPD I have participated in (Jen Godsell) 

Aspect that was most valuable – Beth’s depth of knowledge and class discussion to clarify questions (Gayleen Makepeace) 

The grief, loss and bereavement theories were fabulous, thank you.  You have lifted me up to a more meaningful level (Henri Thomae) 

The elective session on Grief and Bereavement was absolutely fantastic.  Most informative OPD I have ever attended.  (Kaye Coles) 

The best elective I have been part of (Greg Egert) 


Travis Rickson 

Joondalup Class, 2018

Travis is intuitive and sensitive as a leader. Loved his stories (Diana Kelberry)

Will re-enrol with Australian Celebrations Training, and with Travis as the trainer next year (Natasha Tang)

Travis is great (Kathy Rintoul)

Travis is always engaging (Jody Matthews)

Got a lot out of this workshop (Sue Clarke)

Most valuable part of the day – the interaction with class and the trainer (Will Paul)

Travis was as always efficient and interactive in his presentation ( Melanie Gilbert)


Fremantle Class, 2018

Travis was very approachable and fair, giving everyone a chance to speak and acknowledge expertise in different areas ( Nina Durack)

Excellent service, enjoy training from Travis, excellent course (Jayne Jamieson)

Travis was great (Atalie Park)

Course trainer Travis was excellent (Teresa Carlson)

Travis was informative and engaging (Janice Menzies)

I chose this course because of Travis – makes it informative but thoroughly enjoyable (Rosalie Evans)

Great OPD, well done (Craig Hunter)

Relaxed, helpful, good communication skills (Vanessa Ord) 


 Lillian Lyon

Sydney City Class,  2018

I love being in Lillian’s class. I follow her around every year (Patricia Kyncade)

A streamlined OPD session. Congrats to Lillian on best practice, thank you sincerely (Pamela Noal)

Most valuable topics, all of them, and networking with other celebrants (Maree Connellan)

Lillian is always great (Julie Buchanan)

It was wonderful OPD day (Kushpinder Kaur)


Newcastle Class,  2018

Lillian is always spot on, approachable and knowledgeable ( Christine Warren- Davey)

Best trainer I have experienced, I will be back (Lincoln Amidy)

Excellent course trainer engaging and relevant. Very valuable and informative ( Nicole Halliwell)

Lillian is interesting with good humour, course very worthwhile ( Lyn McDonald)

Lillian is always a great trainer (Ruth Hinds)

Lillian was very knowledgeable and helpful (Miriam Moody) 


 Liz Pforr

Tweed Heads Class, 2018

Wonderful, had fun and learnt a lot, went so fast, best one I’ve been to (Nicole Evans)

Liz is knowledgeable and always make OPD interesting and engaging (Emma Heise)

Liz is a passionate and wonderful presenter. I’ve gone away with a pocketful of new knowledge, thank you (Lynda Taylor)

As a trainer Liz is empathetic, intelligent, and informative. Well put together support material (Irene McLeod)

OPD session was great – a real forum. Everyone took part (George Harvey)

Liz was relaxed and informative, very pleasant nature (Ken Bremner)


Loganholme Class, 2018

Professional, knowledgeable, funny and engaging (Stig Hokanson)

My first OPD, but I can’t wait for the next one. Very enjoyable and informative (Michelle Pengelly)

Liz is a very good communicator, so informative and great ideas from others (Janette Cox)

Liz was excellent and informative and was able to have a vast knowledge of all things related (Karen Spencer)


Melissa Jacob 

Doncaster Class, 2018

Very rarely do I go to a course that I want more at the end of the day. I would gladly attend another session with Melissa. Melissa couldn’t have been more helpful and flexible. Enjoyed her examples, passion and the time went fast. (Jeni Wilson)

Always seek out Melissa Jacob – she brings a great friendly energy to the training. (Melissa Laird)

Great work Melissa, full of knowledge (Robyne Starkey)

Fun and engaging. Provoked interesting discussions (Lisa Trask)

Melissa smashed it, best OPD ever (Bronte Price)

Melissa once again exceeded herself, knowledge, friendliness. Making OPD not only educational but enjoyable. (Jenny Tacken)


Stirling, SA Class, 2018

So warm and welcoming and informative, Best I have ever had (Jacqui Leopardi)

Blown away by Melissa. Fantastic trainer. Extremely knowledgeable and so helpful ( Pam Kuhn)

Mel was absolutely brilliant. Totally engaging and such a wonderful communicator. Knowledgeable and articulate. Interesting and informative ( Jenny Cross)

Funny, kept everyone interested. Awesome knowledge of questions, loved social media content (Annie Somerford)

Mel has been fantastic, friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable - I would highly recommend Mel as a trainer. (Georgia Prince)

Melissa is great, keeps things moving, keeps us awake, relates well (Phil Badcock)

Bubbly presenter – vibrant. Well organised, knowledgeable, acknowledged “country” impressed (Chris Smith)

Very engaging communicator (Anne Bastian) 


Spencer Flint 

Box Hill Class, 2018

This is the best OPD training I have experienced, well done Spencer (Marion Cincotta)

Spencer is an excellent communicator (Rosalind Mackay)

Most valuable aspect of the OPD was the compulsory information, was helpful. The funeral part extremely useful (Stephanie Foxley)

Spencer was brilliant (Aimee Clark)

Spencer was great (Amanda Olle)


Canberra Class, 2018

Spencer was easy to listen to with a great sense of humour ( Naomi Roff)

Highly impressive performance – loved the conversational style (Barry Wright)

Amazing, experienced, funny, genuine, caring, informed, friendly and heartfelt. He’s a keeper ( Marg West)

Spencer was fantastic! His delivery of content was not effective, (Tania Chalker)

Great real life stories – excellent (Tookie Capezio)

Spencer was very interesting and kept training to time (Narelle Willems)

Spencer is well informed and knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to ( Claudia Cannon)

es because she is fun and informative (Dee Douglas)

Having never done a naming ceremony, I found this experience extremely valuable (Jade Webster)


Shari Treuren

Noosa Class, 2018 

Shari was brilliant.  Hope she’s the trainer here in 2019. I enjoyed the interaction, it was the best OPD I have done (Helen Wilson-Grey) 

Shari was amazing, friendly, happy and very informative and helpful (Kathleen O’Grady) 

Excellent trainer (Barbara Burt) 

Course trainer was extremely helpful and great communicator.  Always fab with Shari (Beth Dancing Free) 

Shari answered all questions very well (Jules Woods) 

Shari was wonderful, really enjoyed her as a trainer (Dee Hanson)


Caloundra Class,  2018

Shari has a lovely and commanding way of sharing the activities with excellent information and delivery. Group work was excellent and engaging (Michael Lewis-Smith)

Shari is a great teacher I love coming to her courses (Jane Ward)

Naming Ceremony module was great (Jan Heystraten)

Shari is great – I come to these classes because she is fun and informative (Dee Douglas)

Having never done a naming ceremony, I found this experience extremely valuable (Jade Webster)

Shari was knowledgeable and very patient. Baby naming was an excellent change and was great fun (Ruth Kuss)