CHC41015 - Certificate IV in Celebrancy

How to become a marriage celebrant in Australia?

To seek appointment as a Marriage Celebrant in Australia, you must first complete the course Certificate IV in Celebrancy CHC41015.  Once you have completed your qualification you can then apply to become a marriage celebrant with the Australian Attorney General’s Department. The other criteria for an aspiring marriage celebrant is a legal questionnaire and a “fit and proper person’s test” that is administered by the staff of the Attorney-General’s Marriage Law and Celebrants’ Section ( 

Before enrolling you should familiarise yourself with the appointment process by visiting their webpage, and you should also read the Conflict of interest and benefit to business for Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants to ascertain if you may have a perceived conflict of interest which may jeopardise your appointment as a marriage celebrant.


Marriage Celebrant Course Modes

  • Marriage Celebrant Online
  • Marriage Celebrant Distance Education
  • Marriage Celebrant Face to Face/Online Blended


When can I start?

Distance Education and Online students – as soon as your enrolment is processed.

Classroom Students – at the beginning of your scheduled class.


How much does it cost to complete the qualification?

We have three study options available: 

Option 1 – Marriage Celebrant Online - $895

This mode has you studying all 13 units of competency externally with the help of your personal tutor.    You will be required to video some assessment items; therefore, you will need to be able to have access to a video recorder or other recording device, for your simulated marriage ceremony you will require a PA system and a minimum of 22 people to assist with this task; two adults as the marrying couple and 20 guests.

The course is self-paced to suit your business and personal life and can be commenced at any time.

Option 2 – Distance Education Traditional Correspondence - $1195

This option has you studying all 13 units of competency via distance education, you will be assigned a personal tutor which you will have access to by phone and email,  You will be required to video some assessment items; therefore, you will need to be able to have access to a video recorder or other recording device, for your simulated marriage ceremony you will require a PA system and a minimum of 22 people to assist with this task; two adults as the marrying couple and 20 guests.  Please note this is not an online course, this option is a traditional correspondence course where the hard copy of your training materials are posted to you.   

Option 3 – Face to Face Classroom/Online Blended Learning - $1740

Our blended classroom/online course is held over 5 days, from 9.00am – 5.00pm each day. 

The 5 day class will give you an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements of marriage. During the week there will be a mixture of theory, workshops, practical demonstration and during this week you will complete your practical performance assessments, after the week you will still have your individual written assessments from the marriage units to complete and your elective assessments will be completed through our online learning centre.











Monday 20th – Friday 24th August 2018

Beth O’Brien

Fitzys Hotel





New South Wales




 Sydney City

 Monday 9th  - Friday 13th July

 Lillian Lyon

 York Conference Centre









 St. Kilda

 Date Coming Soon

 Melissa Jacob



 Monday 1st -  Friday 5th October

 Spencer Flint

Punthill Apartments Hotel 

Western Australia




 Mt. Claremont

 Monday 23rd - Friday 27th July 

 Travis Rickson

 Wollaston Conference Centre





 *Timetables and pricing can change without notice.


How long will it take me to finish this qualification?

You will be enrolled for 12 months.   

Each learner who enrols in this course will have a different style and speed to their studies. Working on this course will vary for each person, it depends on a person’s own abilities, own free time to study, previous experience that may be credited, and how much effort they personally wish to add to their experience. You should also consider that you may have competing priorities of work, family, and maintaining good health, during this study time. The average it currently takes our students is 9-12 months. 


 How many people will be in class?

 Our class sizes are limited to 20 people.


 What will assessments be like?

Vocational education is competency based.  There is no exams in the way that you have probably completed in the past.  We work with each students until they are competent in the skills or knowledge.  You need to complete all assessments to a required standard to gain the qualification. 

Assessments may be:

Written assignments

Observation and report writing


Oral assignments


What is the structure of the course?

The course has 13 units of study, some are compulsory to seek to apply to be a marriage celebrant, and some are electives.  In the electives you can choose either business units or funeral celebrancy units.  We have included in your marriage celebrancy units our extensive course called Directing Life Ceremonies (DLC) to enhance your knowledge and widen your ceremonial offerings. DLC including ceremonies of namings, renewal of vows, love commitment ceremonies, pet funerals, and sub rituals of ceremonies.  The DLC course is usually sold separately for $295.

To see the whole structure please read our Course Information Guide.


How do I enrol?

Firstly you will need a USI – a Unique Student Identifier, and then you can complete our enrolment form.  For our team to process your enrolment you must have completed all parts of your enrolment form.


Who will be my trainer or tutor?

Australian Celebrations Training has trainers that are both highly experienced celebrants, business people and educators. We understand adult learning, and all like to balance the serious nature of our training information with a relaxed and humorous style of training.  We understand that some of our students may have not been in class for many years, or perhaps English isn’t their first language, and we have the professional skills to look after those students.  Please go to our Meet the Trainer tab on our webpage to read about our team. All trainers are also ongoing professional development trainers, where we train our colleagues in professional development.  We are one of the few training organisations that have been selected by the Attorney General’s Department to offer this annual and national training to people who are already marriage celebrants.


If you are planning to marry a family member or a friend in a once off occasion

We appreciate that this is a wonderful hope of many people.  The qualification is large and takes usually one year to complete.  Then you complete your application form, and then the wait to hear back from the Attorney-General’s Department is usually 3 months, and then you need one clear month to accept the application to marry from the Bride and Groom.  So this is not a quick process.  Also once you become a marriage celebrant there are ongoing financial obligations to hold your registration.  You may wish instead to find a professional marriage celebrant in your local community who you could work with to present the ceremony. 


For further information please download our:
*  Course Information Guide      
*  Course Enrolment Form     
*  Student Information Guide
or email us from our Contact Us Page to request an Information Pack.