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How do I become a funeral celebrant in Australia?


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To become a funeral celebrant in Australia, you are not compelled to complete training.


Many funeral directors will only recommend funeral celebrants if they know they have been formally trained. Whilst they appreciate that many people may have the skills to design and present a ceremony, their concern is that people have studied the area of grief and loss officially and how to be with clients in their recent bereavement.  Without grief and loss knowledge then the healing of the client and the ongoing health of the celebrant may be compromised.


The nationally approved courses that are included in this training are 3 units from the Certificate IV in Celebrancy CHC41015 are:  


CHCCEL008  Plan, present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies

SIFXIND002   Work effectively in the funeral services industry

CHCCCS017  Provide loss and grief support  


The course is aimed at preparing a celebrant to design and perform a funeral ceremony with the needs of the client family in mind and in a professional and respectful manner. Our other aim in making the grief and loss unit compulsory is for the professional role you will undertake in supporting families in their distress, but also for the self-care of your own experience of grief.  


Australian Celebrations Training is a registered training organisation, RTO #31179. Our Funeral Celebrancy qualification has been designed by professional curriculum designers who understand the needs of adult learners.


Our Funeral Celebrancy qualification has been designed by our company Director, Beth O’Brien, an internationally certified Thanatologist, grief and bereavement counsellor and very experienced funeral celebrant. You can read more about Beth on this webpage or on her other website listing her extensive qualifications that support the funeral celebrancy training curriculum   


For people who may be studying or considering the Cert IV in Celebrancy to seek appointment as a marriage celebrant, these are three of the electives from that qualification, or you can study just the three units of funeral celebrancy by themselves. 


Given the sensitive nature of this work, both for your clients and your self-care, it is highly recommended that you do complete a course of training. We have met people who are already funeral celebrants and then decided to complete the training and have found it of high value.  


When can I start?

Online students – can commence enrolment at any time.

Classroom and Zoom Students – at the beginning of your scheduled class.



Face to face and zoom classes have a minimum number of participants required for the presentation of a course; in the event a course is cancelled your deposit/course fees may be transferred to another course or refunded. 


How long will it take me to finish this qualification?


You will be enrolled for 6 months.  


Each learner who enrols in this course will have a different style and speed to their studies. Therefore, working on this course will vary for each person. It depends on a person’s abilities, own free time to study, the previous experience that may be credited, and how much effort they wish to add to their experience. It would help if you also considered that you might have competing priorities of work, family, and maintaining good health during this study time.  


How much does it cost to complete the qualification?


Fully Online - $595 – for the 3 units of competency


How many people will be in class?


Classes are limited to 12 students to give people an opportunity to have all their questions answered and build a solid knowledge base for their professional lives as funeral celebrants.    


What will assessments be like? 


Vocational education is competency based.  There are no exams in the way that you have probably completed in the past.  We work with each student until they are competent in the skills or knowledge.  You need to complete all assessments to a required standard to gain the qualification.      


Assessments may be:


Written assignments

Observation and report writing


Oral assignments 


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*  Funeral Celebrancy Course Information Guide   

*  Course Enrolment Form

*  Student Information Guide