Meet the trainers

Krista Webb

Krista Webb

Trainer - Queensland 

Prior to becoming a Marriage Celebrant Krista was a Secondary Teacher for 14 years, an Online Learning Facilitator and had a past career as an event manager.

Krista was appointed as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant in 2010 and since then has had a fulfilling and exciting career as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant.   In her career as a Celebrant, Krista has conducted hundreds of marriage ceremonies and enjoys that she is constantly engaged and challenged by the varied and complex issues that Celebrants are sometimes faced with, both on the legal front and within a ceremony.



Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Diploma in Education

Certificate IV in Celebrancy

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40116  

Authorised Marriage Celebrant


Professional Associations


Member – Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

Member – The Celebrant Society


What attracted Krista to celebrancy 

Krista loves creativity, the richness of symbolism and she is not one to shy away from a performance. This was how Krista ended up on the journey of becoming a Marriage Celebrant. Well, throw in the fun of her own marriage ceremony, and a longing for a change of career (followed by having a couple of children) and you have the full story. 

Krista was fortunate to have a beautiful start to her Celebrant career with her first four weddings being for family and close friends.