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Australian Celebrations Training

Certificate IV in Celebrancy

To seek appointment as a Marriage Celebrant in Australia, you must first complete the course Certificate IV in Celebrancy CHC42608. The other criteria for an aspiring marriage celebrant is a legal questionnaire and a “fit and proper person’s test” that is administered by the staff of the Attorney-General’s Marriage and Inter-country Adoption Branch –

The qualification of Certificate IV in Celebrancy was designed to bring a new level of education to the profession of Marriage Celebrancy.  Since 2003 training has been compulsory, and consisted of one mandatory unit of study from the Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy. From January 2010 there has been the further requirement that all candidates need to complete the whole Certificate IV in Celebrancy. You should familiarise yourself with the appointment process at  
This qualification is a nationally recognised course under the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

CHC42608 - Certificate IV in Celebrancy

This qualification is part of the CHC08 Community Services Training Package.

This qualification covers the broad based skills and knowledge that underpin a range of celebrancy roles, as well as addressing specific legislative responsibilities of marriage celebrants and providing a range of electives representing different aspects of celebrancy work.

Celebrants may specialise in a range of areas of celebrancy as well as developing skills to manage their own business operations. Within this qualification you must complete successfully 13 units of study. There are 5 compulsory units, 4 units if you seek marriage registration, and then the complement in elective units.

Compulsory Units (5) are:


Work within the administration protocols of the organisation


Work effectively in a celebrancy role


Identify and address client needs in a celebrancy role


Use targeted communication skills to build relationships


Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

Units (4) required to seek registration as a marriage celebrant are:


Establish and maintain knowledge of legal responsibilities of a marriage celebrant 


Develop an effective relationship with a marrying couple 


Plan a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements 


Conduct and review a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements 

You will also achieve the unit of competency below when you have completed the Celebrancy core units


Make a Presentation

 Other electives (3 units to be selected from the list below): 

We have a wide range of choice for electives as we believe students should have units that they will find useful in their celebrant small business practice.  Some people wish to the funeral celebrancy units, and others would prefer small business and community services units, the choice is individual. 

You need to choose 3 electives from this list below.  They can be a selection of any of the following units.  Please note with the funeral units (3) they must be taken as a group.


Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers


Establish legal and risk management requirements for small business


Plan Small Business finance


Market the small business


Undertake small business planning


Use and respect copyright

** Funerals units must be taken in the group of 3



Provide support and care relating to loss and grief


Plan and conduct a funeral ceremonies


Work effectively in the funeral services industry

** With Australian Celebrations Training these units are incorporated into the one course and must be taken together. 


Within our marriage celebrant training we incorporate our manual on Directing Life Ceremonies (DLC).  This manual gives training and assessment in the following ceremonies:
Renewal of Vows
Love Commitment Ceremonies
Pet Funerals
Sub-rituals for ceremonies 

This course usually costs $295 via distance education, and $395 in classroom, but is included at no further cost in your training.  To be able to design various ceremonies is important to a professional celebrant and is mirrored in the units of competency, CHCCEL401A Work effectively in a celebrancy role, and CHCCEL406A Identify and address client needs in a celebrancy role.

The Certificate IV in Celebrancy in classroom mode is a mixture of classroom and distance education. The 5 day course gives a very in-depth understanding of the legal requirements of marriage. During the five days there will be a mixture of theory, workshops, practical demonstration and assessment. After the five days you will have assessment items to complete from the marriage celebrant units, and then you will study your 3 electives via distance education and/or apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) recognition.

The distance education has you studying all 13 units of competency via distance education with the help of your personal tutor. You will be required to film various assessment items, you therefore need access to that medium. The course is self-paced to suit your business and personal life.

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